8 Days, 8 Runners, 800 Km's


Run – February 25 – March 3, 2024

One-Day Sooke to Sidney Run – February 4, 2024 

Wounded Warrior Run BC


The Wounded Warrior Run BC, initiated in 2013 by two Canadian Armed Forces members, aims to raise funds and awareness for Wounded Warriors Canada. Over the years, this run has grown into an annual event. A dedicated team of eight runners takes on a relay-style challenge, traversing the entire length of Vancouver Island in eight consecutive days, covering a remarkable 800 kilometers.


Q. How do we get in touch with the team?

Q. Am I able to run with the team during the event?

A. If you are interested in applying for a position on the team or to join the team in a smaller portion of the run, please contact jacqueline@woundedwarriors.ca. Please note that this is not on open running event and strict timings are kept to ensure our stops are on time.

Q. How much of the funds donated go to communities on Vancouver Island?

A. 100% of the funds donated from Vancouver Island stay on Vancouver Island. In fact, any money donated on the island actually comes back 10 fold from the rest of Canada to provide life changing programs on the island.